Outdoor Solar Landscape Lighting and Lighting

Forget wiring! Forget timers! With today's outdoor solar light systems, you can illuminate your property with solar-powered lamps and path lighting, without having to drag battery packs and bury low voltage lighting wires all over your yard.

Aside from the fact that these lights are really stylish and blend very well with outdoor garden furniture, the functionality of these outdoor solar lights are remarkable as well. More than this, they undoubtedly save energy, making them environment-friendly; while letting you save good amount of cash. Another good thing about these solar lights is that they add beauty and elegance to your garden and to your house in general. Since lighting in the garden affects its overall appearance, it would be advisable to know the right and most appropriate light color and combination.

Solar Outdoor Hanging Lamp

Outdoor lighting can really change the mood of a yard, extending the time you and your family spend outside on the patio or back deck. Traditionally, setting up a series of outdoor landscape lights involved burying yard after yard of low voltage wire, then hooking it up to a bulky transformer before finding an outlet to plug into. On top of that, a timer usually needs to be purchased to save electricity by turning the lights off and on at night.

With today's solar landscape lighting, all of that can be avoided. Outdoor solar light systems require no planning or setup - you simply push the light into the ground wherever you want it, or hang it from a hook or fixture. All day long, PV panels in the top of the solar lamp gather and store energy from the sun, to be used when the lamp turns on at night. When darkness falls, light sensors determine when to provide power and illuminate the lamp automatically. You get clean, free, renewable solar powered lighting with a minimum effort, and without having to spend a single penny on electricity.

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Placement of Outdoor Solar Lighting in Relation to Sunlight

Although installation of solar landscape lights are a snap, the only limitation that must be considered is the amount of daily sunlight each lamp will receive. You'll want to place your solar lights into as much direct sunlight as possible in order to maximize the charge they'll receive. Determine which parts of your yard receive the most sun, and which parts are often shaded by fences, sheds, or even the home itself. The sunnier and brighter the spot, the better results you'll get when your lamp kicks on at night.

This isn't to say you can't place these landscape lighting in partial shade. Some fixtures can charge themselves fully with only two to three hours of sunlight. The small solar batteries nestled within each lamp will contain that charge until the light sensor tells them it's time to shine. Just try to avoid placing the PV cells of your landscape lights in places that see constant shade. At best, you'll get nothing but dim results.

Types of Solar Landscape Lights - Hanging Fixtures, Pathway Lighting, and More

As with conventional backyard lighting systems, solar products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors designed to blend in perfectly with any landscape. Path illumination, deck lighting, standing post lamps, and even hanging lantern designs can all be accomplished with solar powered fixtures.

The small photovoltaic panels necessary for generating power are usually integrated as seamlessly as possible into the overall design. Aesthetically, solar yard and garden lighting can be even more attractive than wired light products because such low-voltage systems are must be connected in series by hard wiring. This limits their placement, especially as hanging or rod-mounted lights where it would be undesirable to see unsightly wires dangling from them.

Outdoor walkways and pathing can be easily illuminated with outdoor PV lights. Attractive foot-long solar lamps are usually sold in sets of 6 - they stake themselves right into the ground, and you can buy as many as you need depending on how long your walkway is. Such lighting is also great for driveways, showing the way from the car to house without the need for electrical outlets or wiring. Hanging light models are also sold - these usually include a curved metal stake to overhang the edge of the driveway upon which the solar lamp is then hooked.

Solar Pool Lighting

Nowadays, you can even find solar pool lighting! A popular new product, individual solar pool lights are designed to float in your outdoor swimming pool and come in various colors and sizes. Choose from red, green, blue or yellow - these lamps spend all day floating and charging in the sun, turning themselves on at nightfall to throw spectacular color into the surrounding water when it gets dark.

Solar Lamp Charge Lifespan & Brightness

Once your solar lamps turn on, they will remain lit until sunrise when the light sensor tells them to shut down. Most solar lights will be initially very bright when they first turn on, very comparable to hardwired lighting systems. Over the course of the evening however, solar lamps will dim slowly and their light may become dull or diffused. The good part about this though, is that the bulk of their brightness occurs during active nighttime hours, when people are up and outside enjoying them. By the time they're dimming, most people are already in bed.

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