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Installation of Home Solar PV Panels is Easier than you Think!

Are you ready to save money and energy while helping keep a clean, green environment? Do you like the idea of harnessing unlimited free solar energy through the simple installation of PV panels on or around your home? Have you often wondered how easy or cost effective it would be to set up your own home solar electric system, but never knew where to start?

Generating your own electricity through solar power is a lot easier than ever before! The skyrocketing costs of fossil fuels have pushed modern solar technologies in fantastic new directions, offering even the average homeowner easy opportunities to harness their own solar energy. Photovoltaic or PV panels are smaller, lighter, and more attractive than ever before. They can be installed in arrays of any size, to fit any home, augmenting existing electrical systems, to heat hot water, and even to heat your swimming pool. Imagine not only reducing your electric bills, but at times generating so much solar power that it causes your electric meter to run backwards... selling that excess energy back to your utility company for profit!

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Solar Roof Panels for Homes

Residential Solar Panel Options - Where to Begin?

While much is recently being said about solar energy, it's hard for the average homeowner to know where to start. Maybe you've seen solar PV panel displays in Lowes, Home Depot, or your local home improvement store. Maybe you've only seen PV cell technology on television. In either case, there are a number of home solar panel kits available to the general public. From the smallest one-panel packages to the larger PV panel arrays that can be hooked up and added to in series, specific installation instructions are provided to help get you started on the road to free, renewable solar energy.

Solar PV panels for residential or home usage consist of hundreds of smaller photovoltaic cells. With the help of a power inverter, these solar cells convert the sun's energy into electricity. Laminated weatherproof panels known as solar arrays connect these PV cells together, and these interconnected systems are tied directly into a home's electrical system. In grid-connected PV systems, the solar panels are also tied into the utility company's power grid, which can move excess electricity away for use in other homes while spinning your meter backwards. This net metering process can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Cost Effectiveness of Home Solar Power Kits. . . Plus Solar Rebates and Tax Incentives

While past residential solar systems have been bulky and expensive, new technologies in residential solar power have made installations profitable in many locations across the United States. As the costs of operating gas and oil powered equipment continues to climb, interest in solar photovoltaic energy has become increasingly popular. Do it yourself solar power has become a real possibility today, with added interest responsible for generating some very big technological advances in how the modern PV cell operates and performs.

Although intially an expensive venture, adding a solar panel array to your home's electric system can add substantial value to your residence. Besides the resale value, solar systems will pay for themselves in energy savings over time, some faster than others depending upon the type of system and your geographic location. In North America, most home solar PV panels are installed in a south-facing configuration, to be open to as much direct sunlight as possible. Solar battery systems and thermal collectors can also be used to store power for use when haze or darkness falls over the array.

Yet perhaps one of the best reasons to convert to solar power right now are the fantastic incentives offered by both the Federal government and local US State programs. Solar Rebates and tax incentive programs can reimburse a good amount of money to homeowners willing to go green. Lump sum rebates as well as residential tax deductions can contribute greatly toward the initial cost of setting up a PV panel array and hooking up to the power grid. As the push for a greener, cleaner environment and new energy sources gains momentum, solar energy will continue to be funded in these ways.

Clean, Renewable Energy From The Sun

The Benefits of Home Solar Energy

Advantages to a solar powered home are many, but perhaps most significant are the savings on utility bills. Residences utilizing solar pv panel systems see average annual savings of up to 50% of their total electricity costs. This figure climbs even higher for larger systems and PV panels located in sunny climates.

Home solar kits can also provide you with power in the case of total grid failure. While most systems aren't designed to keep your entire home running on solar energy, you'll still be provided with enough power to keep vital appliances and electronics running during an outage. Wattage captured by solar batteries and thermal collectors can also be used to suppliment household electrical usage.

Because they contain no moving parts, solar cell panels require almost no maintenance once installed. They are silent, clean, and efficient. Perhaps best of all, the energy provided by solar power is completely renewable, produces no pollution, and is therefore the most environmentally friendly energy source there is. You can increase the value of your home, reduce energy bills, help the environment, and provide your family with clean, free energy!

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